Saturday, January 7, 2012

Grub Garden: New game on KI Free Games

Grub Guardian, a Tower Defense Game, is now in KI FREE GAMES.

You can train pets, feed them, and you can play for Reward Codes.
There are two options how you can play the game,  Pet Training (Which costs Pet XP) and Rewards Codes, Which is 0 Pet XP. 

With Pet Training, You play the game, and at the end, you can see how much XP your pet received, and feed it a snack from your IN GAME INVENTORY.

With Rewards codes, you play the game and at the end you get a rewards code to redeem on

The game is in BETA and only has two different things (at least in level one)  you can place on the game board...
One costs $10 and the other costs $20.

The money is not real life money though... (Just making that one clear)  You start out with $60 and you gain $2 for every enemy killed (at least on the first level)  

The goal is to keep the enemies away from your Pet Snacks,  the enemies come through a Road-Like path.  You must use the attacks that you can place on the gameboard to destroy them...

You can even level up your pets-But you can't see which talents they got!


Free Codes... 
(if you use a code, post in the comments)
(redeem at

Have Fun Playing!

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  1. Benjamin DragonswordJanuary 7, 2012 at 10:05 PM

    there is a category for each school. In ravenscar which goes really quickly but you get lots of money fast i got to summon at least one of the highest upgrade for every school!